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      Nadia Consumables

      Showing all 9 results

      •  scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit

        scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit

      •  Innovate Chips and Droplet Kit

        Innovate Chips and Droplet Kit

      •  Innovate Cartridge and Droplet Kit

        Innovate Cartridge and Droplet Kit

      •  Innovate Cartridge

        Innovate Cartridge

      •  Innovate Chips

        Innovate Chips

      •  Nadia Cartridges for scRNA-Seq

        Nadia Cartridges for scRNA-Seq

      •  Nadia starter pack

        Nadia starter pack

      •  Nadia Cartridge for Remote Chamber

        Nadia Cartridge for Remote Chamber

      •  Nadia Innovate starter pack

        Nadia Innovate starter pack