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      Agarose Encapsulation on the Nadia Innovate

      Hydrogel droplets, such as those made of agarose, are picolitre-volume spherical scaffolds which remain stable in an aqueous solution. They represent a potent solution for many single cell applications (1). Due to the properties of hydrogels which allow the diffusion of nutrients and dissolved gases to circulate and reach the encased cells, agarose encapsulation is a powerful tool that allows cells to be grown in individual microenvironments for extended periods of time.

      This application note shows that by using the Nadia Innovate system, agarose can be readily encapsulated inside droplets and solid agarose beads can be recovered. The beads produced were monodisperse and their size could be adjusted by altering pressures using the Nadia Innovate module.


      1. Luo R-C. and Chen C-H., “Structured Microgels through Microfluidic Assembly and their Biomedical Applications”, Soft. 2012 Dec;1;1-23