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      Join the Dolomite Bio team – Exciting and interesting careers

      Dolomite Bio is a part of Blacktrace Holdings (www.blacktrace.com), a global leader in creating market leading products through Productizing Science?. We work with partners to help them to Productize Science? and create new brands to take our own products to market – a great place to develop your career. Blacktrace Brands are:

      • Dolomite Bio?creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research.
      • Dolomite?develop the coolest and most advanced technology microfluidic products with and without partners around the world.
      • Syrris?develops the most advanced technology products for R&D Chemists around the world.
      • Glass Solutions, a world leader in precision glass fabrication using excellence in glass blowing and microfabrication.
      • Particle Works creates high-performance nano- and microstructured materials with precision control over particle size, shape and architecture.

      Click to see our current list of vacancies